The Columbarium at The Church of the Epiphany

The Columbarium at The Church of the Epiphany is a place which reminds us of all the sacraments we celebrate as Christians. The burial liturgy and interment of the urn are the culmination of a person’s earthly life in our shared community in Christ.

What is a columbarium?
A Columbarium is a group of niches, typically within a stone wall, which contain the cremated remains of the departed. Our Columbarium includes 234 niches, arranged three high and interlocking. Each niche is approximately 12″ x 12″ and can accommodate one or two urns.

Why have a columbarium?
The church has traditionally been the natural repository and final resting place of deceased members of the Christian community. Burial within the church itself, or in the adjacent churchyard was once common practice. The amount of land necessary for a burial ground is no longer available to most churches, and a myriad of laws and regulations make it extremely difficult to establish a burial site. In recent years, cremation with interment of the ashes, rather than burial, has become more common. In this way, the remains of the deceased can stay on at the church that played such an important part in their lives.

What are the benefits to our congregation?
A niche in a Columbarium is modestly priced, aesthetically pleasing, and ecologically sound. The ambiance of the Columbarium creates a comfortable meeting place for families and friends to gather in love and remembrance, a consoling link between life and death.

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The Columbarium mural