Red Door Vineyard


A Ministry of the Church of the Epiphany

Thank you to all the Founding Guild Members who have renewed their memberships for 2013 & welcome to our newest Guild members!

If you have yet to renew, or would like to join us in this grand adventure for the first time, you can find RDV brochures in the church office. Questions? Contact Stacey Stephens, Membership Coordinator:  Located on the property situated above and behind the buildings on the Epiphany campus, the Vineyard promises to be a unique symbol of our fellowship and our faith! Our 2013 bottling will be produced from purchased grapes. With any luck, our 2014 vintage will come from our very own vineyard. REMEMBER: the ONLY way to enjoy the fruits of our labor is via a Guild membership!

Cultivate and Connect

The mission of the Red Door Vineyard (RDV) Guild is to support and cultivate our community through working the soil, tending vines, harvesting grapes, and crafting wine. Guild members will be invited to work together to dig, tend, trim, weed, harvest and crush, all the while deepening and exploring our connection with our inner selves, our neighbors, our community, the earth, and the universe.

Why the Name Red Door Vineyard?

Red Door Vineyard Church of the Epiphany

In ancient times, no one would pursue an enemy past red doors into a church.  No one could be harmed or captured inside a church. The red doors signified a place of safety and refuge.

Today, red doors leading into a church represent a haven for emotional and spiritual healing—a place where forgiveness and reconciliation may be found. The color red shines forth with the warmth of welcome, gleaming with fiery light and the presence of the Holy Spirit for all who choose to enter.

The Vintner’s Board

The Vintner’s Board guides the vision of the vineyard project, cultivating the donor base, recruiting and organizing the work teams, and participating with the Head Winemaker in short- and long-term planning.

Susan Anderson
Brian Driscoll
John Harbourne
Steve Kerrigan
Andy Ludlum
Melissa McCarthy
Jamie Pawlak
Kim Seegan
Stacey Stephens
Steve Stephens

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you!

Red Door Vineyard Guild
c/o The Church of the Epiphany
5450 Churchwood Drive
Oak Park, California 91377

Vineyard Office: (818) 584-6378
Church Office: (818) 991-4797