Link to the Annual Report of January 28, 2018

Annual Report of January 28, 2018

Link to the addendum to the January 28, 2018 Annual Report. This is what the Senior Warden, Guy Walker, informed the congregation at the Annual Meeting. This addendum is not in the January 28, 2018 Annual Report.


During our Annual Meeting of January 28, 2018, we voted in our three Bishop’s Committee members via acclamation: Barry Burns, Katie Roberts, and Steve Stephens. We voted in 5 General Convention delegates and 2 General Convention alternates. The 5 delegates are: John Brunson; Elizabeth Bryant; Linda Loomis; Steve Seebach; and Bob Thomson. The 2 alternates are: Rodney Reynolds; and Andy Tomat.


Link to our Members Directory (also located on our Welcome! page)

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