Columbarium Information

Columbarium General Information

How will the niches be marked?

Each niche will provide the person’s legal name and dates of birth and death. These will be inscribed in a uniform size and font on the face of the granite covering the niche, at the time of interment. Each niche includes security shutters, granite fronts and edge trim — see rendering. The church office will order the inscription.

How will the niches be offered? Who can be interred here?
The Columbarium is reserved for the use of members of the congregation and their families as defined in the Church Rules and Regulations. In some instances, spaces may also be allocated to other persons who have a significant relationship to The Church of the Epiphany in the judgment of the Vicar and the Columbarium Board of The Church of the Epiphany. There will be a covenant, prepared and executed by the involved parties of each burial, setting forth the right of the parties. The burial service will be as prescribed by the Vicar of The Church of the Epiphany, in consultation with the family, and in accordance to the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Los Angeles.

Will there be a funeral or committal service?
Yes, traditional services may continue as usual in the Church, and may include the committal service at the Columbarium.

May a particular niche be chosen?
Yes, niches will be offered on a priority, “first come, first served” basis. The cost will not vary according to location.

How much will each niche cost?
The niches will be offered at $3500 each, and will accommodate one or two urns. This will cover the cost of the niche, the urn(s), the granite name plaque, and perpetual care.
No future assessments will be made.

May a purchaser sell or transfer a niche?
Because of church rules regulating church property ownership, purchasers of niches are technically granted a permanent “use permit” rather than actual ownership. Thus, a user “permittee” cannot actually re-sell the niche. However, the Church agrees to permit transfer of the use permit to others in appropriate situations at the Church’s discretion. The Church will accept the relinquishment of a niche but, in order to avoid the necessity of establishing a financial reserve, no portion of the purchase price will be refundable.

What about care and permanency?
The Columbarium will be perpetually managed by our church staff designated with that responsibility. At present, a special Columbarium Board will oversee the initial sales and they will report to the Bishop’s Committee

How Do I reserve space?
Fill out the “Application for Certificate of Right of Interment” form and attach your check for the appropriate amount. Make the check payable to The Church of The Epiphany Episcopal Church. Please note on the check that it is for the “Columbarium Fund”. To obtain the necessary forms or further information, please contact the church office:

Main: (818) 991-4797
FAX: (818) 991-4796
Margot Kerby
Phone: (805) 496-4423
FAX: (805) 496-0103
Stephanie Harbourne
Phone: (805) 371-7571
FAX (805) 371-7572

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